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Not to be Borne

Warning for: Arranged marriage, non-con, forced breeding, Twincest. HEA.

For Sharita, on their birthday.

When his twin brother presents as an omega, Michuá feels like the world is ending. In a way, becoming an omega himself seems like the only way to stay together… But Zybyn’s new alpha wants a lot more than they have bargained for and in a journey towards a strange land, there is nothing to stop him from taking it. Non-con, abuse, twincest, HEA.

Prompt: Omega twins who kill their alpha and runaway together.

Warnings: non-con, mpreg, lying, basically slavery, murder, twincest, HEA.



When Zybyn presented omega, some people assumed I should be relieved, but why the fuck should I feel better that the bullet had missed me and hit the person I loved most in the world instead?

I almost wished it had been me. The way he’d looked when the elders had explained he was one of the rare omega males… I don’t think I will ever get his pain off my chest.

Our parents tried to help, kept him at home and talked to him—to us, because I couldn’t do fucking shit about what was happening to him but I wasn’t going to leave him. He was my twin, my other half… And I knew he was afraid.

Because omega males were precious and that meant they could be worth a lot to a pack, especially a pack like ours that needed so many things. The mountains were a hard place to grow up even if you had teeth and the agility of a puma on your side.

We were okay, but we were never sure we would be okay, was the thing. Sometimes there wasn’t enough prey to go around. Sometimes some of the guys would go down to the towns at the foot of our mountain and it’d turn out there was no one hiring big, burly men to do their heavy lifting or whatever.

I had been meant to go too, now that I was eighteen and tall enough to make an impression, but after Zybyn presented, I couldn’t bear to. No one tried to convince me, not the elders—they were too smart to waste their time with arguments that would lead nowhere.

We didn’t really talk about it, but I knew Zybyn was afraid they’d find him an alpha. Except they had to find him an alpha, omegas needed one. And I was only a beta, sure, but at least… At least I would be by his side to protect him as best I could.


The elders invited some alphas from the nearest pack to meet him. It was for the best, they said. Zybyn would have a lot of children and the packs couldn’t feed them, they added.

Like Zybyn wasn’t pack. Like he didn’t deserve to have their support.

He met with them, and that meant I met with them too—though I sat in a corner and kept quiet like I’d promised my mother. I gave them a chance because Zybyn needed me to—he’d gone into heat already and they’d had to lock him in one of the deeper caves to keep him safe.

I couldn’t pretend to myself it wasn’t hurting him to be alone after spending the full moon guarding the only entrance.

He needed an alpha and it couldn’t be one from our own pack, the elders had made that very clear.


Most of the alphas were nothing special. They walked in gingerly, all forced smiles and soft words, like they thought Zybyn was a child instead of a fully-grown man. I stared because Zybyn didn’t do more than glance at them. I wasn’t sure if he embarrassed or if it really hurt him to behave defiantly towards an alpha now. I was afraid to ask.

Xander was not like that. He was formal, bowing his head at each of us in turn and introducing himself. “I have come from quite far to meet you,” he told Zybyn.

My brother swallowed, stealing a look, but didn’t say anything.

“I didn’t know you had a twin,” the alpha added, glancing my way curiously. “But I’m glad you got someone on your side. It must have been quite a shock for you, for one.”

“Yeah,” Zybyn acknowledged quietly.

“It doesn’t have to be all bad, though,” Xander continued, taking a seat across from us, long legs crossing elegantly as he sat. “In my pack, you’d be honoured.”

Zybyn didn’t speak, so I did, “Honoured?”

Xander’s dark eyes turned my way, curious but not seemingly bothered by the interruption to his wooing. “Of course, an omega has great power. The greatest power, that of giving life. What is a pack without a future?”

“Would you honour him too?”

“Yes, naturally,” the alpha told me softly. He wasn’t lying about it that I could tell. “If he agreed to be my mate.”


After Xander, there were three other alphas in the course of two weeks and every single one of them requested Zybyn be their mate.

“You must choose someone, son,” my father told him that night after the elders had met. “There were several promising candidates, and… well, you will learn to love him, whoever it is.”

I bit my tongue not to argue; I could see it cost our dad to say it and it was true. What could any of us do against Zybyn’s heats if he remained unbonded?

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