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Tony has always admired his older brother Peter. Enough that when Peter decides to leave their birth pack to try his luck in a new one, Tony follows him there. As a beta, life will not be easy for Tony in the new pack—there, he’s expected to submit to the attentions of any unmated alphas since the pack does not have enough omegas yet. But he loves his alpha brother enough to endure the discomfort so Peter can get access to the new pack’s other betas. 

Except Peter is in love with an omega already and the price of her dowry is well beyond anything he can afford. The girl’s brothers demand an omega of their very own. 

Includes feminization, body modification, dubcon, noncon, and mpreg. Multiple partners. A/B/O.  

Warning for:

non-con, forced breeding, psychological manipulation, multiple partners, public sex, multiple pregnancy, feminization, humiliation. 


Part 1: The New Pack 


It wasn’t his turn, but he still turned around and braced his arms against the wall. Ginsberg dragged down his trousers and boxers only far enough to expose his arse. At least he was too impatient to go get lube, which meant he wasn’t going to fuck Tony’s hole. Ginsberg’s cock was hot as he pressed it between his arse cheeks and Tony couldn’t keep from squirming at the already wet flesh being pushed against his sensitive hole. 

The alpha thrust into the passage between Tony’s cheeks, getting it increasingly wet with his precome and holding Tony’s hips in place with a firm grip. Tony did his best to keep himself still—elbows and forehead against the wall, knees locked—and tried to clench around Ginsberg’s cock. The sooner he came, the sooner Tony could go. 

Or so he hoped: it wasn’t really his turn to submit to the alpha’s attentions, but that didn’t really matter when an alpha took a fancy to you. Gingsberg could make Tony’s life hard enough that it really wasn’t worth pissing him off. 

And it wasn’t a big deal, really: betas got used when there weren’t enough omegas to go around. But sooner rather than later, Gingsberg would get his own omega and then Tony wouldn’t have to let him pant in his ear as he groaned his orgasm and filled Tony’s underwear with his spunk. 

“So good…” Gingsberg mumbled onto his shoulder, his hips still moving as he enjoyed the aftershocks of his release. Tony didn’t contradict him even though he was only half-hard. 

Gingsberg didn’t have much interest in getting Tony off, but it was different for other alphas. 

When Tony’s brother had first taken him to join a new pack, Tony had been trained to enjoy being a bitch. It didn’t come naturally to him: he was no omega and he was mostly attracted to women. But that was no impediment for the men he’d been assigned to. 




He’d known the pack that had recruited Peter with the promise of virgin land to run and hunt free had no omegas, and he’d known in such packs alphas turned to betas to satiate their needs… 

It was the same way in all packs, after all, because there were never enough omegas for all alphas. 

In his birth pack, Tony had mostly been too young for sex, although he’d exchanged hand jobs with a few alphas—just a friendly favour to take the edge off. 

In the new pack, things were very different. 

He remembered his first time like it had been yesterday.  

He’d been given a hot meal and sent to sleep in a dorm with the other betas—most of them as young as him or younger—and then the next morning he’d been told who he was assigned to.  

Even then, he’d assumed the thirty something by the name of Jeremiah was meant to show him the ropes. 

In a way, it was true. Jeremiah was in charge of teaching Tony what was expected of him in his new pack. 

Jeremiah had no omega, of course, but he had Tony. 

Soon he’d discovered that Jeremiah shared his bitches with his mate Fred, even though Fred had his own beta, Billy. 

Jeremiah had taken him to a field not too far from the houses the new pack was building and told him to strip. 

When Tony hadn’t moved, Jeremiah had huffed. 

“Lesson number one; don't make an alpha wait,” he had said and a second later he was stepping up to Tony and pulling on his shirt so violently cloth tore against the skin of his torso, stinging like a whip. Jeremiah dropped the remains on the ground. “Strip,” he repeated watching Tony like he was bored. 

Tony, still trembling slightly, toed off his shoes, then at a look from Jeremiah he lowered his zip. “Don't like the trousers either?” 

Tony quickly shook his head, then shoved his trousers down. There was nothing he could do to stop this and if he resisted, he'd only get hurt. 

More hurt. He knew... 

He knew this would not be easy, no matter what. 

Jeremiah did not ask him to remove his underwear, he simply stepped forward and yanked it down Tony's legs. Before he knew it, Tony was on the ground, knees aching from hitting it too hard. He blinked up at Jeremiah, only to find a booted foot pressed to his bare hipbone a little too hard for comfort. “Get on all fours, bitch.” 

Tony scrambled to obey, too dazed to do anything else. This seemed to please Jeremiah, who whistled loudly. “Now that's a nice view!” he commented with a laugh. 

Tony could feel his face burning with humiliation at the thought of what he must look like. A bitch indeed, naked and ready to be fucked by a strange alpha. Just like a good useful beta should. 

“I guess your lesson can wait,” Jeremiah said thoughtfully. “I need to ruin that arse right now.” 

Tony was still wondering what the alpha was talking about when he heard the sound of a zip. A body, heavy and hot, pressed itself along his exposed buttocks and back and he felt the man take him by the hips. The hot hard cock pressed insistently against his arse a moment later. It was leaking enough to smear pre-come on his skin. Tony jerked in disgust. 

“Lesson number two.” Jeremiah gave a hard thrust forward, pushing his dick between Tony’s arse cheeks, making even more of a mess as well as digging his fingers deeper into Tony’s sides. “You are here for me or any alpha to use and you should never hesitate on your duty.” He leaned forward over Tony’s back and took him by the hair, forcing his head back and making him expose his throat in a way that had Tony whining, his wolf struggling as it realised it was in danger. “You don’t want us hesitating when it’s time to protect you, do you?” he asked, breath coming out moist and hot against Tony’s neck. 

Tony froze. He could hear the threat in the alpha’s voice. “That I like better,” he was told as the alpha lazily rolled his hips into the space he’d lubricated for the purpose. Tony was trembling, neck still overstretched, body in high alert but unable to move… and then Jeremiah let go of his hair. The relief did not last long because it soon became clear he’d only done it because he needed the hand to push greedy fingers against… into Tony’s hole. He clenched against it and Jeremiah growled a threat. 

He closed his eyes, exhaling, it would only be worse if he fought it. This was his role in the pack, he knew that, only… 

It hurt, there were two fingers in him, digging in like the alpha wanted to tear his entrails out and even though he knew he was trapped, Tony tried to pull away. He only got his hair yanked back and a growl that made his wolf instinctively cower. Jeremiah used the chance to add another finger and rubbed at him from the inside. 

Tony shuddered, curling forward, fists clenched hard enough he cut himself—the scent of his own blood joining the terror into making him nauseous. When another finger was added, he yelped, and Jeremiah laughed. “Found your sweet spot, didn’t I?” he asked shoving half his hand inside Tony’s body fast and rough. Tony’s eyes fell closed as a shudder ran through him. 

Sweet? There was nothing sweet about the way the alpha’s preparation was making his balls ache and his cock harden even through the pain. If anything, his arousal felt like a further betrayal. 

He was almost grateful for the alpha’s impatience because when his arse cheeks were pulled apart to leave his hole exposed, the wave of humiliation was enough to dampen any pleasure. Then he felt the crown on the alpha’s cock press against the skin there, already sensitive from the stretching, and he couldn’t hold back a whimper. “Shh...” the alpha told him, shifting his hips forward enough to force his way inside. “You will like this.” 

Tony kept his eyes closed and focused on breathing, trying his best to submit, to let his body— The feeling of a cock being pushed past the ring of muscle and into his passage made him scream in pain. The alpha’s arm around his middle tightened in warning. “Just stay still,” he was told. “It’s hard for betas the first time.” 

Tony shivered, trapped and knowing he was trapped—even if he’d wanted to fight the alpha off, he knew he wasn’t strong enough to take on a werewolf of Jeremiah’s size. 

Maybe that was why he’d been given to him. “Yeah, like that,” the alpha praised, and Tony struggled to understand what he meant for a moment before the alpha pushed further in and he forgot about anything but the agony of being split open. “Almost there,” the alpha claimed and forced his way all the way inside Tony’s body, holding him in place when he instinctively fought to get away.  

It was hopeless, but desperation had taken hold of him and he couldn’t seem to stop himself from trying anyway. Until the alpha put his teeth to his neck and scratched him in warning. “Enough of that,” he was told firmly. “Relax and I’ll jerk you off.” 

Tony tried to obey, knowing anything else would have dire consequences for him—both now and later—and Jeremiah’s arm loosened around him. The hand gripping his limp dick was a surprise, but he found he could no more object to it than he had been able to object to the rest. Pressure and heat being what they were, he hardened in the alpha’s hand. That was enough permission for the man to start fucking in earnest, dragging at his insides every time he pulled back even as he forced Tony to fuck into his fist. 

It felt good, which was almost worse when the man changed the angle of his entrance and started hitting Tony’s prostrate with each stroke. The double stimulation had him gasping, which made the alpha chuckle, the sound going through him as the man kept fucking into his hole. “Yeah, you like that, don’t you, little beta?” he asked, then sped up, rutting into Tony like he was racing. 

Finally, the alpha started coming inside him, thrusting hard enough Tony would have fallen if Jeremiah hadn’t been holding him in place and leaving his seed inside Tony’s useless body. 

As he fell onto his side, the alpha still pressed close, that was Tony’s sole comfort—he was a beta, and this was temporary. He could not be claimed by an alpha as a mate, nor made to have their pups. 




It was not Tony’s first full moon with the new pack, but it was the first full moon in which the pack had an omega. 

That changed everything. The omega belonged to the two alpha heads of the pack, Mark and Claudius, but every other alpha in the pack was still visibly salivating after her. 

And eager to fuck anyone who’d stay still long enough to get the itch she’d awakened scratched. Alphas fucked the betas of the pack every full moon and Tony had made sure to lube himself up beforehand and was ready to limp a little the next day. 

He was not ready for the true extent of the madness that followed. 

Instead of the playful chase the alphas normally engaged in with the beta they wanted, he was roughly yanked off his feet and thrown to the ground the moment the head alphas howled at the moon to start the run. Before he knew it, his legs were spread, and he was being split open on an alpha cock in one long, seemingly endless stroke. He cried out and was ignored and as he was pounded, he heard the sounds around him—the sounds of other betas in pain as the alphas took what they wanted from them without any consideration at all. 

He could feel the moon too, of course, but for all it set his blood boiling, he had no instinct to mate. In the past, he’d managed to enjoy getting fucked if the alpha mounting him was interested in taking the time to make it good for him, but not this time. This time he didn’t think the man on top of him knew he was a person at all, just a warm hole to rut into, careless of his nails on Tony’s sides and his whimpered pleas both. 

At least it could not last long, Tony clenched his eyes shut as the alpha’s knot started growing deep inside his abused arsehole. If he could just... The alpha half collapsed on top of him, panting harshly and too heavy for Tony to breathe properly himself. The only blessing was that he wasn’t moving anymore so he wasn’t pulling at Tony’s insides with a knot not meant for a beta’s body. As he lay on the ground, the sounds of his fellow betas getting fucked all around him was like the soundtrack to a horror movie he could not pause. 

He had never gone a full moon run with just one alpha mounting him. 

His hair was tugged violently to the side and he yelped, eyes popping open only to find a glistening erection being shoved towards his face. It hit his cheek, harder than could be pleasurable, before there was a hand digging into his jaw to force it open. Tony inhaled, instinct taking over, and then it was in his mouth—hot and way too large but relentless all the same. 

He scrambled to get his hands on the new alpha’s groin, only to end up simply holding on as the alpha in his arse finally pulled out, his come leaking down Tony’s balls. But he had no time to feel disgust as the alpha in front of him pulled out and then shoved into his mouth again, and it was all he could do to keep his teeth to himself, knowing very well what the consequences of scratching the alpha would be. The alpha threw a leg over his neck, almost sitting on his chest to better fuck down into his mouth and Tony’s vision grew faint as most of his air flow was blocked. 

He scratched at the alpha’s sides, his survival instinct kicking in with a violence. That got him a little room, but it just meant he had enough oxygen to notice when his legs were lifted, and a new warm body settled between them. The cock was returned to his mouth just in time to muffle his cry as the new man buried himself into his sore arse. 

He was pretty sure he’d lost conscience when the alpha had come down his throat. He couldn’t be sure, though. When he became aware of his surroundings again, he was still being rutted into by a man he didn’t recognize. 

He had no way to tell if it was the same alpha as before, but as he clenched his teeth to avoid crying out, he guessed not by the way the man was taking his time. 

It hurt, of course, but full moon sex always did—there were only twenty-three betas in the pack for fifty alphas, each of whom needed an equally lust-mad omega, not a beta who could neither soothe their hormones nor exhaust their bodies. 

Tony’s current alpha grunted and came, plentifully enough it made an awful squelching sound as he kept pulling in and out. When he pulled out without knotting, Tony opened his eyes in surprise. The reason became obvious at once as he saw the other alpha—older and bigger—pressing a clawed hand against the one who’d been using him. “Move.” 

“Get on all fours, bitch.” 

Tony almost fell in his hurry to obey, then almost lost his balance again when the alpha took position behind him and shoved himself in deeper than any of the others had been able to go. He laughed, low and satisfied, and Tony realised he was making noises. He couldn’t help it, the alpha was shoving his cock as deep as it would go and fast as well, a mad stab at Tony’s insides no beta could bear in silence. “You take it so well, and so wet too... Could be an omega.” 

Tony shuddered in disgust, more at the words than what was happening. After months in the pack, getting fucked had become normal, but even though he knew the words meant nothing more than any sex talk... 

The older alpha exerted his right to a knot, pushing Tony to the ground as he finished getting all his seed in him. 

Tony could not manage to get back up. Not that it mattered; it was the perfect position for the next alpha to take him. And the next. And the two afterwards, who kept him upright by virtue of spearing him at both ends and synchronizing their thrusts so perfectly they were fucking each other more than they were fucking Tony. 

He tried not to think of the rest of it. 

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